Jeffrey S. McCreary
Jeff McCreary is a Business Success Expert, an independent board member for multiple enterprises, a leadership consultant, author, and keynote speaker.   He has served as an independent director for Benchmark Electronics, the Isola Group, IDT Semiconductor, the Gennum Corporation, MIPS Technologies, and the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.   Jeff led a turn around of the Isola Group as interim President and CEO from July 2015 through January 2016. Similarly, he directed the turn around of IDT Semiconductor as interim President and CEO from August 2013 to January 2014.

He is also a former Senior Vice President for Texas Instruments, where he stepped down as the head of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for the third largest semiconductor company in the world at the end of 2005.  He was responsible for TI sales and account management, field technical support and channel marketing strategies around the globe.  A twenty-three year TIer, Jeff was named a Vice President in 1995 and a Senior Vice President in 1998.  He led the turn around of TI"s Worldwide Military Semiconductor business in the early nineties, resulting in sustained record profitability.   He also managed TI"s highest volume business, Advanced System Logic.   During his career he has led organizations conducting product design and development, strategic marketing, sales management, and technical sales. 

Prior to joining Texas Instruments, Jeff held engineering and strategic marketing positions within the Bell System.

Jeff holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and an honorary doctorate of engineering from the institute as well. 

Jeff currently serves as an independent member of the Board of Directors of Benchmark Electronics (BHE), and the Isola Group (Held by Oaktree Capital and the Texas-Pacific Group). He is an emeritus member of the Board of Trustees for the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. In recent past he as been a special consultant to the NHL Coaches Association where he was the Executive Director from 2006 through 2009. 

In the past he has actively served on the Board of the  Global Wireless Education Consortium (GWEC) and the RosettaNet e-Commerce Board.  He also has a strong history with Junior Achievement, and the United Way. 

Jeff's book "THE I IN TEAM (Building Superior Teams with Intelligence, Initiative, and Integrity) " is now available from Sunstone Press.  It was a finalist for the 2008 New Mexico Book Awards.   A link to the site is included in the "RESOURCES" portion of this web-site.

Married, with two thriving sons, Jeff relishes an active family life.  In 1999 he formed a blues-rock band (Bandpass), which has appeared on both coasts and in Las Vegas. He enjoys golf, wine collecting, outdoor activities and claims to be addicted to exercise.
Jeffrey S. McCreary