Jeffrey S. McCreary

"Having witnessed many executives in action throughout my career, I can confidently state that Jeff is one of the most engaging speakers in corporate America.  His practical, thoughtful, direct, and sometimes humorous style energizes audiences.  His decades of experience at TI, years of "in the trenches" sales experience and large account relationship building gives him a unique and powerful perspective on sales, leadership, and the importance of creating a success focused culture."
     Dan Parisi
     Executive Vice President

"Jeff's breadth of experience, from leading large P&L centers to managing a worldwide sales and marketing team, makes him uniquely qualified to talk about what it takes to win in the market - both in terms of growing market share and profitability!  Jeff's content expertise is exceeded only by his passion for winning.   Jeff will impart knowledge, entertain, provoke, and most importantly, have you believing that you and your team can do so much more!"
     John Szczsponik
     Senior Vice President
     Texas Instruments

"Combining a unique mix of humor, deep business acumen and practical experiences, Jeff McCreary is that rare presenter who keeps his audiences spell-bound.  His high energy platform and inspirational messages have impacted teams, corporate leaders, and clients with a changed perspective on today's most challenging issues.  Your team will leave with new expectations and a desire to perform with a purpose."
     Kerri Ann Walker
     Senior Vice President
     Bank of America

"I have had the pleasure of working extensively with Jeff McCreary for a decade.  Jeff has been one of the true leaders of our industry.   Jeff is a proven change agent and a compelling leader - one that inspires and motivates others to new ground."
     Phil Gallagher
     Avnet Electronics Marketing,

"Jeff has a bold, dynamic style that grabs the audience's attention quickly.  He mixes entertainment with in-depth business and customer experiences.  People feel personally challenged and they take away very targeted actions that they can immediately apply in the real world."
     Zoe Chapman
     Director, Human Resources
     Texas Instruments

"Jeff brings energy and focus to all the organizations I have seen him work with.  He has a great ability to keep people on task and committed to do the job right....all the way to the end."
     Ken Hitchcock
     NHL Head Coach, St Louis Blues

"I have come to rely upon Jeff's unique business acumen in helping my company address the many challenges we face.  I also believe no one would forget the inspirational addresses that so commanded our attention at the many conferences he has highlighted."
     Eric Chang
     Chairman, Wintech Group

"Describing Jeff and his impact takes a lot of adjectives.  I find those that start with an "E" work best.  ENGAGING (takes an interest in all he meets), EXCELLENT (excels in his trade), ENTERPRISING (big ideas), EDUCATOR (loves to teach), ENRICHER (makes people feel great about what they do), ENDLESS (a mind that works 24-7)."
     Art Sellinger
     Long Drivers of America

"I have worked with Jeff for almost 20 years.   He possesses broad content expertise and experience based upon proven management and leadershp principles he uses.   Jeff also has a natural competency in public speaking.  His high energy style makes him a potent keynote speaker who I have leveraged many times over the years."
     Greg Delagi
     Senior Vice President, Texas Instruments
Speaking Fees:

Domestic/U.S.: $10,000 (plus travel, lodging, and meals)

If your event happens to be in Santa Fe or Albuquerque NM, contact me about a special rate.

International: $15,000.00
(plus travel - business class, lodging, and meals)

Jeffrey S. McCreary